Venture Capital


STAR Venture Capital LLC works on obtaining funding for Angel Capital, Early-Middle & Late Stage Venture Capital and Growth Capital Funding. STAR Venture Capital has a focus on technology startups, early stage pharma, and clean energy project pre-development funding.

At STAR Venture Capital, we first work on understanding the core business development needs of your business, so that your company is primed for success with the infusion of new capital.

We work with our resources and connections in both the Institutional Capital world as well as the Family Office / Individual High Net Worth space to find the appropriate capital source for your company.

STAR Financial LLC, Our Investment Banking Division is active in the actual construction funding of Power Plants with a focus on Green Energy, Renewable Energy and Clean Energy Plants. STAR Venture Capital LLC will raise pre-development funding on those very same projects to cover the early stage permitting, licensing, environmental impact review in order to bring projects up to the stage of a Power Purchase Agreement or suitable offtake agreement to get them eligible for an Investment Bank round of construction funding.

If you have a Venture that requires funding, please submit complete Project information to