Asset Securitization


STAR Life Assets LLC is active in the purchasing and brokering of Life Settlement Assets. STAR Life Assets LLC engages is the purchasing, brokering and transaction advisory on both single life settlement policies and as well as complete portfolios of Life Settlement Assets. STAR Life Assets LLC is also active in the procurement and bond securitization of Life Settlement Portfolios for institution capital purchasers.

STAR Life Assets in involved in all angles of Life Settlement Assets Transactions

  • Our in house legal team conducts
    • Does legal review on transactional documents
    • Drafts portfolio transactional documents
    • Single policy transactional documents
    • Complete escrow services for policy purchases and sales
    • Compliance review for State Insurance Department Life Settlement / Viatical Settlement Acts
    • A robust and successful litigation capacity to reinstate lapsed policies
  • Our in house Medical Team:
    • has a Licensed and Diplomat Board of Insurance Medicine certified Medical Director
    • An experienced life underwriter who was the Chief Underwriter of a major, top 20 insurance carrier
    • Conducts Life Expectancy Evaluations
    • Reviews and Analyzes AVS, 21st Services and EMSI Life Expectancy Certificates
    • Helps to advocate on medical reinstatement for lapsed policies
  • STAR Life Assets structures Secured Account Obligation Transaction where a life asset portfolio is securitized to help anchor a debt obligation on a different asset
  • STAR Life Assets:

    • Sells single policies that meet Purchaser mandated criteria
    • Acts as exclusive agent for portfolio purchases
    • Acts as legal, regulatory compliance, transactional and industry practice advisory on both single life assets and portfolio transaction
    • Conducts Anti-Fraud Review & Insurable Interest Review on life policy asset transactions
    • Manages client policies and complete portfolios as servicing agent

      • Minimum COI payment calculation and services
      • Social Security Master Database Sweep
      • Policy Pay-Out Collection Servictes
      • Mortality Tracking
      • Medical Record Retrieval and Life Expectancy Tracking Services