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Welcome to STAR Finance Group

Star Finance Group is an integrated group of experienced companies providing excellence in the Investment Banking, Project Finance, Venture Capital and Private Wealth Management space.

Investment Banking

STAR Financial LLC is active is providing Project Financing to the Energy, Infrastructure and Resource space. We work closely with our contacts in the Investment Banking, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds and Private Equity space to provide Project Finance funding for Energy, Infrastructure and Resource projects.

Project Development

STAR Clean Energy LLC is active in the project development of Wind, Solar, Photovoltaic, Municipal Solid Waste to Energy and Municipal Solid Waste to Hydrocarbon Fuel space.

Wealth Management

STAR Wealth Management LLC provides cutting edge current Tax Planning, Trust and Estate planning and Estate Tax planning to the HNW, UHNW and Family Office space.
STAR Wealth Management also provides Planned Charitable Giving Advisory, cutting edge insurance solutions, private placement life insurance and offers tax advantaged investment platforms.

Venture Capital

STAR Venture Capital LLC obtains funding for Angel Capital, Early-Middle & Late Stage Venture Capital and Growth Capital Funding. STAR Venture Capital has a focus on technology startups, early stage pharma, and clean energy project / pre-development funding.

Asset Securitization

STAR Life Assets LLC is active in the purchasing and brokering of Life Settlement Assets as well as purchasing, brokering and transaction advisory on both single life settlement policies and complete portfolios of Life Settlement Assets. STAR Life Assets LLC is also active in the procurement and bond securitization of Life Settlement Portfolios for institution capital purchasers.

Actuarial Risk Metrics

STAR Actuarial Risk Metrics LLC services institutional capital sources by supplying cutting edge mark to market asset valuations, premium reserve corridor analyses, residual value guarantee metrics, portfolio cash flow projections, stochastic modeling and probalistic discounted cash flow valuation analysis on portfolios of Life Settlement Assets.

Risk Management

STAR Risk Management LLC is active in providing cost effective Property and Casualty Insurance Protection Surety Bonds, EPC Performance Bonds, Construction Risk and Industrial All-Risk Insurance Coverage. STAR Risk Management LLC has specialized expertise and experience in providing sophisticated Risk Retention Group and Single Parent Captive Insurance solutions.